The Power Of Intentions – Part 2- Achieve 10X As Much In Half The Time With The Power Of Intentions


In the first video, we covered 2 of the 5 “P’s” of my Intention Setting formula:- “Powerful” intentions must move you at your very core.- “Private” you must keep your intentions private to avoid any disruptive interference and side-eyes from those around you.In this video, I’ll touch on a very important and often overlooked part of creating an effective and powerful intention.The 3rd “P” in the formula stands for “POSITIVE.”Intentions must be “Positive” – they MUST be for something your want and not against something you don’t.It’s a subtle distinction, but it is a massively important one.Misunderstanding this is one of the main reasons that people end up getting stuck in quicksand with no hope of escape.I’ll go into it in much greater detail in the video, but if you want to just dive in and learn the myriad of techniques I’ve used to create the stunning life I get to enjoy now, you can head here to become part of the Transformation Experience.If you want to go into much more detail on how I set Intentions in my own life, I will be hosting a 2-Day webinar on exactly how I use them in my own life to great success.The webinar will be happening live over the 21st and 22nd of March, and you can click here to reserve your free seat today.


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