About Trevor G. Blake

The truth is that you don’t need to come up with an idea. They’re already there.

About Trevor G. Blake

The truth is that you don’t need to come up with an idea. They’re already there.

About Trevor G. Blake

Hi, I’m Trevor G. Blake, a multiple bestselling author and New York Times bestseller of ’Three Simple Steps, A map to success in business and life.

I started my first business at the age of 43 and went on to sell 3 of my businesses for over $300m – which is quite extraordinary when you consider I grew up in poverty with virtually no advantage in my early years.

Since then, countless people have asked me what’s my secret to success – which is the reason why I created the webinar ‘3 Secrets To Escaping The Quicksand, Living Your Best Life & Accelerating Success In Every Area of Your Life With Confidence.’

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Here's What Others Have To Say:

Suzanne Davies

Andrew Pancholi

Debbie C. Washington

You may remember when I said I wanted property—farmland—you said,

“Just keep doing the steps, using time-imagination, but in more specific detail.”

I was re-reading your book at the time too. Well, as you may see on your Forum/website, the house and property appeared for me this summer and we bought it. I am still a little stunned. It is exactly—and I do mean exactly— what I wanted. We swapped our 1100 sqft apartment in Vancouver for acreage and a 5200 sqft home – in Washington for nearly the same price. Timing has been critical and we had to be prepared for success like you teach.

I think we were. I have to tell you, the happiness I feel is beyond words right now. Can’t wait for the next big Intention to come through—I am already climbing the winding staircase for that one! This is fun…

Chaitra Rai

Francesco Caracolici

Best self help book I ever read. I found Trevor G. Blake through an article on Inc.com on why complainers are bad for your brain. Something about his voice compelled me to look up his new book, and a few minutes later, I had it downloaded to my Kindle.

The mixture of riveting personal history and unconventional self-help advice got me finishing the book in two sittings.The book just has the ring of truth to it—a certain mystical, alchemical quality which is hard to define.

It just seems to resonate with the structure of experience.

Dr. Ali Binazir MD

Blake Barthelmess

Patrick Manning

Tej Dosa

I started controlling my mentality, taking quiet time, taking walks in nature, and writing intentions/mind movies.

The results?

My first quiet time was in my welfare room on a beat-down mattress.

10 years later, I now take my quiet time every morning 40 floors in the sky (top floor), overlooking Downtown Vancouver.

But that’s not all…

– I’ve become financially free (never had to ever get a *real* job (besides those 3 days in McDonalds)
– Went from C- student to graduating at the top of my class
– Donated thousands to the charities I believe in
– Changed the lives of my loved ones
– Travelled the world
– Built an online tribe of 25,000+ amazing people

All because of you and Transformation.

I just wanted to say thank you, truly from the depths of my heart. Without you, none of this would be possible… at all… I’d probably be working as a freakin’ accountant somewhere, hating my life!”

Anne Klein

Peter Vinck

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