Discover ‘Quantum Genesis’ – Your Secret To Finally Escaping The Quicksand.

Transform Every Area of Your Life For Success With Balance In As Little As 30 Days … No Matter What Your Situation.

It’s Time To Get Off The ‘Personal Development’ Rollercoaster Forever & Turn Your Dreams Into Destiny With The Last Program You’ll EVER Need To Live Your Best Life!

Dear Friend…

Imagine never struggling with debt or financial problems ever again…

Where you’re in high demand and never have to worry about money anymore…

Imagine being able to work just 5 hours a day at best… leaving plenty of time for doing the things you love with the people you love…

Now imagine having the most meaningful and deeply fulfilling relationships where everyone respects you…

Imagine how incredible your life would feel!

What I’m describing here is absolutely available to you RIGHT NOW…

IF you choose to take it…

Because in the next few minutes, your life as you know it, will transform permanently for the better…

No more feelings of failure or worrying excessively about everything…

You’ll escape money troubles to experience prosperity like never before…

You’ll wake up refreshed and energized to experience abundance, purpose, freedom and joy

And you’ll leave the soul sucking life of mediocrity and dead-end jobs you hate firmly in the past.

The life you’ve only ever dared to dream before is certainly within your grasp – you just need to reach out and grab it.

But first, where are my manners?

I’m Trevor G. Blake, New York Times bestselling author of Three Simple Steps and Secrets to a Successful Startup. I’m also a serial entrepreneur who sold 3 businesses for a total of over $300m!

I’m not saying this to brag – far from it actually, since I didn’t get started building a business until I was 43.

Yes, you heard that right – 43!

Some would say I was a bit of a late entrepreneurial bloomer…

That’s because I spent most of my younger years enjoying an adventure-packed life where I travelled far and wide …

It wasn’t always like that though.

As a kid, you could say I was at a massive disadvantage…

I spent much of my childhood in abject poverty… and was considered an outcast by other kids because I was too poor to be cool.

My parents did their best, but between the dilapidated farm we used to live in and the pressures of trying to fit in…

I was determined not to repeat the poverty trap my father and grandfather fell deeply into…

Other kids would pick on me all the time… so I spent much of my teenage years living in the library to escape the bullies…

It was the best thing that ever happened to me!

I immersed myself in reading hundreds of biographies of successful people trying to understand:

How they thought

What they believed

What they did

How they dealt with adversity

What made them wealthy

These biographies inspired me to do things differently in my life and change the way I lived …

I adopted certain habits which I refined over the years to keep me sane in a world where negativity and constantly being told I couldn’t do something were all too common…

Some may have thought of me as a bit of a rebel, but in reality, I didn’t want to be mediocre.

I wanted to be something. To be someone…

Not what others expected of me, but to write my own destiny and decide the rules for myself…

I wanted to permanently escape the shackles of my very existence which was steeped in hardships and having very little.

I’m sure you can relate.

Here’s the brutal truth:

The level of thinking that got you where you are today will take you no further –except give you more of the SAME:

Debt and financial worries

Lack of opportunities

Unfulfilling relationships

Overwhelm and exhaustion

And everything else that’s wrong in your life

I call these stresses and struggles ‘QUICKSAND’ – once you’re stuck, it’s really hard to get out!

The problem is however, most people do ALL the wrong things that KEEP them stuck in the quicksand, and they have no idea how to escape!

As someone famously said:

Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over And Expecting Different Results!

I’m living proof you don’t have to settle for the life you have or were born into.

You can be better…

You can BE MORE…

You can DO more…

Therefore, the question becomes very simple:

How do I become more successful?

Most self-help gurus would tell you that the first place to start would in fact be personal development…

While it sounds sexy and exciting, the reality is far from it…

Unfortunately, there’s so much conflicting information and advice online about success that it becomes difficult to figure out where to place your attention.

Sadly, most people fall into the usual ‘personal development trap’ when they decide to change their life:


Self-help courses and programs

Life coaches

Events and seminars





5am starts

The Law of Attraction

You get the idea!

No wonder so many people feel exhausted, stressed out, and overwhelmed – the exact opposite of what success should be!

When you don’t have clarity on whatyou SHOULD be doing, it becomes all too easy to be pulled in a million different directions with things you THINK you should be doing.

Ultimately, wasting your energy on stuff that isn’t particularly helpful is time-consuming, costly, and stressful the very opposite of what you’re looking to achieve.

You get the idea!

I’ve seen people ADDICTED to personal development – but their life is STILL the same.

When things don’t work out the way you hoped…

Self-doubt, fear of failure, and being judged by others can really make you feel as if you’re not good enough…

Having true success shouldn’t be so hard!

That’s why I’ve created the ultimate experience to help you conquer your fears and finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of…

Introducing The Transformation Experience

The Last Program You’ll EVER Need To Be Successful In Every Area of Your Life Without Wasting Time & Money On All The Wrong Things…

The Transformation Experience is an end-to-end program that contains everything you need to get out of the quicksand and have endless levels of success WITH balance.

No more running around like a headless chicken…

No more exhaustion or overwhelm…

No more fear of failure…

And no more time wasted on useless ideas that feel nice, but don’t create real transformation…

The aim of this program is simple:

To help you get consistent breakthroughs in your life without spending a penny on any other personal development book, program or event ever again.

It’s the ONLY program you need to triumph in life.

Based on the principles of quantum physics, it includes practical tools and techniques that will dramatically elevate your potential…

Even better, it will change the way you think, act and behave.

These are the SAME exact tools and techniques I’ve used to not only permanently escape the quicksand…

But also create stunning achievements for myself!

Today, I live the kind of life I’d once fantasized about – and even better, it’s EXACTLY the kind of life I intended for myself.

I started my first company with $2,000 and within 6 years sold it for $105 million. ( Since then, I’ve built multiple companies valued even higher (ANU, KALVI, Neovia, and a non-profit animal sanctuary Fluffs).

I don’t work more than 5 hours a day and have a beautiful home in the USA with an incredible garden and stunning views with my wonderful wife Jessika.

I’m not telling you this to boast but to inspire you.

Because none of this is co-incidence…

My life has panned out exactly as I intended thanks to the tools and techniques you’ll find inside The Transformation Experience.

I promise that if it can work for me, it can absolutely work for you too.

It’s basically the ultimate program to put all the pieces together to live your dream life.

With The Transformation Experience, you’ll be able to:

Reclaim your individuality so you’re no longer held back by the shackles of what others think you can or can’t do

Lose the layers of crap that have held you back for so long

Eliminate negative looping thoughts so you can mentally re-invent yourself

Rapidly turn your life around – I promise everyone will wonder what you did!

Have greater success in every area of your life with balance – no more nose to the grindstone working crazy hours to make ends meet

Be more confident radiating positive energy wherever you go

Experience incredibly fulfilling relationships that fill you up and inspire you to be your best

Be warned though:

The Transformation Experience WILL change your life for the better.

You can’t unlearn it. So be prepared to completely change the way you live and the people you hang around with!

I promise you’ll never need another resource from a self-help guru again…

The reality is most personal development programs can lead to overwhelm.

Aside from this, one of my biggest gripes with self-help is that while it might make you feel better about your life, it rarely leads to a better life…

The reason? It’s focused too much on feel-good ideology…

And not enough on DOING – in fact, most self-help books lack the practical elements that lead to permanent results…

However, The Transformation Experience is different because it’s rooted in actual science…

The Transformation Experience Is Based On The Principles Of Quantum Physics To Give You Control Of Your Life Dramatically Elevating Your Potential And Results

We now know that quantum physics is the science of success – and it’s been proven repeatedly by some of the best scientists in the world.

While other experts might follow the laws of attraction which is wishy-washy and questionable at best…I follow the laws of energy which are proven to be absolute.

The laws of energy are, in my opinion, an easier, more reliable and more scientific way of having everything you’ve ever wanted.

Here’s an important concept you need to understand:

ALL thoughts are energy.

The law of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed – only transformed from one form to another.

This means your thoughts will convert into their material equivalent – and this, therefore, becomes your reality.

For example, if you’re constantly worried about money… guess what?

You’ll get MORE money problems!

It’s why thoughts are self-fulfilling prophecies – since they scientifically have no choice but to become reality.

Unfortunately, your past experiences impact your thoughts because, over time, you’ve subconsciously formed beliefs that have kept you stuck, struggling, and living beneath your potential.

Here’s the good news – it’s easy to change this by changing how you react to those thoughts and beliefs.

Now you may well be wondering that if this is true, why doesn’t positive thinking give you a better life?

And that’s a great question!

The Fact Is, Energy Is Very Powerful And Needs To Be Directed And Focused In A Very Specific Way To Create True Transformation …

However, energy is also susceptible to interference from outside influences

It’s a bit like trying to download a movie but because the weather is bad, your WiFi signal is weak and interferes with your watching experience.

Your movie might end up lagging and buffering, the download is painfully slow and the picture quality isn’t great.

However, with a strong WiFi signal, there’s zero interference, resulting in a sharp image with phenomenal download speeds for an all-around fantastic viewing experience.

Your thoughts are no different.

It’s why The Transformation Experience is loaded with more than 20 different practical tools and techniques to permanently change the trajectory of your life.

Once you start catching your thoughts and reacting differently, I promise everything else will fall into place:

With The Transformation Experience, you’ll be able to:

Get out of your own way to finally accomplish your biggest dreams

Escape the quicksand that’s holding you back in every area of your life

Have greater abundance so nothing feels impossible anymore

Live a life true to yourself your values and your principles – without compromise

Experience greater joy with deeply fulfilling relationships

Find your inner confidence and dare to dream big again

Ultimately succeed in every area of your life WITH balance (and ditch the overwhelm and burnout for good)

The Transformation Experience is the ultimate program to get you unstuck and propel you into the stratosphere of success.

Imagine stepping into YOU version 2.0!

There are 3 core levels I cover inside The Transformation Experience:


Escape Velocity

Discover 3 key quantum physics principles that build your power so you can escape your version of quicksand and create a better life

Energy Sage

Deepen your intuitive connection and sensory powers through an understanding of the laws of energy to catapult your intentions into being


Master Alchemist

Understand how to turn ‘time into space’ to consistently experience powerful shifts in every aspect of your personal and professional life


That’s it – 3 powerful levels that guarantee you’ll win in the game of life – not a dozen different things to try and master!

It’s why I believe The Transformation Experience is the LAST self-development program you’ll ever need – period.

I’ve had countless people from all walks of life successfully use these methods to:

Start and grow incredibly successful businesses

Discover exciting, new and lucrative opportunities

Find their perfect partner after a string of failed relationships

Experience greater fulfilment and purpose

Live the life of their dreams – exactly as they intended

The Transformation Experience is not like other programs out there because…

It’s Designed To Help You Take Back Control As The CEO Of Your Personal & Professional Life!

It’s Designed To Help You Take Back Control As The CEO Of Your Personal & Professional Life!

The Transformation Experience is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it includes specific tools to develop resilience against whatever life throws at you…

… giving you the courage to reinvent your life find more opportunities and more importantly, actively pursue your dreams.

Secondly, it will ramp up your confidence as abundance flows to you in an almost effortless way …

Lastly, the program is designed to demystify the science of success so you can actually understand how to apply it in your life, saving a ton of time in the long run.

You’ll no longer be at the mercy of your situation or circumstances… and you’ll no longer be a “victim” of bad luck anymore.

The Transformation Experience will help you take control as the CEO of your life so you can achieve the level of success you want and absolutely deserve.

You’ll never have to worry about money or have to hustle hard to get what you want ever again!

I strongly believe every person no matter their background or experience deserves to have a wonderful and meaningful life – but sadly, few know how to achieve it.

The Transformation Experience is the perfect antidote to the stress and overwhelms of modern life…

It’s why I’ve made sure everything inside the program is super practical and a lot of fun to do – making it simple and enjoyable to accelerate your path to brilliance…

Simply apply the strategies I show you, then rinse and repeat – that’s it!

With The Transformation Experience, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Supercharge your finances and eliminate debt for greater financial independence

Skyrocket your confidence to handle anything life throws your way

Have deeper, stronger and more fulfilling relationships with your loved ones

Dramatically shift your outlook on life, so it feels as if the sun is always shining down on you

Dare to dream big and actually achieve it – people will think you just got lucky

Experience a powerful shift in your circumstances – from your location to your career choice, everything will play out exactly the way you’ve always intended

Ultimately, The Transformation Experience will allow you to thrive without feeling overwhelmed, out of your depth, or stuck because you don’t know what to do or when to take action.

Want in? All you need to do is click the button below to get started today:

How Does The Transformation Experience Work?

The Transformation Experience is going to change the way you think about success forever, eliminating the confusion of what it takes to meet and exceed your goals.

It works because of ‘Quantum Genesis’ which can be defined as:

The process by which new ideas and new ways of thinking are formed in your subconscious, resulting in real, tangible and profound changes in every area of your life.

For me, Quantum Genesis is the equivalent of small hinges having the ability to open big doors.

Even better, since it’s grounded in real science and practical application, it makes it easy for you to reclaim your individuality and self-knowledge so you can evolve into the best version of yourself.

Quantum Genesis requires you to play with energy fields so you can manipulate them to your advantage and experience the results in the physical world.

This process of The Transformation Experience is the very definition of magic – and I think it’s an apt description since anyone who has experienced our program will tell you their life has magically transformed for the better!

In fact, I refer to the members inside The Transformation Experience as QUANTUM ALCHEMISTS because of the superpowers they develop to create seismic shifts in their wealth, happiness and circumstances.

As I’ve already mentioned, there are 3 levels to The Transformation Experience
– here’s what you get with each of them:


Escape Velocity - Get Out Of The Quicksand Now

This level contains 28 lessons that cover the following:

  • Rebirth – the fastest, easiest way out of the quicksand for good
  • Why awakening the real you is the ONLY way to live a deeply satisfying life
  • Unravel the secrets of the Universe by understanding energy and how you interact with it
  • The secret hack to boosting your self-confidence and freeing yourself from the negativity and approval of others – it works wonders around energy ‘vampires’!
  • How to stop being a slave to toxic, draining relationships that no longer serve you and replace them with incredible people who inspire you
  • Eradicate debt and financial issues quickly by jumping down the quantum physics rabbit hole of wonders
  • How thinking and speaking BACKWARDS is the only way to quantum leap into your best life – guaranteed!

If you’re drowning in quicksand right now, the beginner level is the lifeline you need to pull yourself out with your sanity intact.

Specifically, this level is designed to help you ‘Build Power’ and resilience and provide you with a solid foundation to move forward.


Energy Sage - Expand Your Connecting Power

Includes over 20 lessons to build upon your knowledge from the Beginner level and help you:

  • Deepen intuition and stretch your sensory perception so you not only do you trust yourself more, but gravitate towards success
  • Improve your decision-making ability so you never doubt yourself again, and get things done quickly as a result
  • Continually create winning ideas that earn you grace, a fabulous reputation, and, more importantly, bring abundance into your life
  • Dramatically boost your self-confidence so you can handle any situation great or small
  • Enhance your relationships so you surround yourself with outstanding people who actively support your growth

This level is specifically designed to help you trust your gut, develop amazing instincts or a feel for what’s right and help you tune into the energy fields around you for breakthrough results.


Master Alchemist - Direct Your Power

Now that you’ve developed your superpowers to become a quantum alchemist, you’ll receive an additional 21 lessons to hone your power for the best life you could ever live!

Here’s what we’ll cover inside this Advanced Level:

  • The great time paradox – how you can use time to your advantage to bring your desired results into reality at warp speed
  • Why awe and flow are CRUCIAL for envisioning AND achieving your biggest dreams with confidence!
  • The power of intentions – why these are superior to goals and extremely potent in helping you live your dream life
  • Timeagination – the #1 secret to the practical magic you’ll start experiencing in your daily life
  • How to use the winding staircase to accelerate your achievements and build momentum in your life
  • Sex Magick – how magic in the bedroom accelerates your intentions and heightens creativity for a deliciously satisfying personal AND professional life

You’ll also receive the following bonuses:

Private, direct interaction with me as needed

Plus 1 Month FREE into The Guild – My Monthly Mentoring Group which is currently at the Founding Members’ Monthly Rate of $97/Month (Regular $197/Month)

With The Transformation Experience, you won’t just feel better about the life you have, you’ll actually get the better life you’ve always wanted… and MORE!

I promise your life will never be the same…

No more drowning in quicksand…
Dramatically boosting your confidence…
Catapulting your income…
Unlocking greater opportunities for you…
Greater abundance and joy…

In short, you’ll powerfully kickstart quantum genesis and more importantly…

Change The Entire Trajectory Of Your Very Existence!

The Transformation Experience will empower you with everything you need to get out of the quicksand and experience quick success – and all in as little as 30 days! Even better…

You’ll achieve success WITH balance:

More time freedom, so you’re no longer a slave to the rat race

Increased financial freedom so you have more options available to you

LOVING life surrounded by those who love, respect and value you

Being in control of your life, instead of your life being in control of YOU

A deep sense of purpose and fulfilment

If that’s not the definition of success with balance, I don’t know what is.

There’s currently no other ‘success’ program anywhere that offers what The Transformation Experience can offer…

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Just Listen To What Some Of Our Members Had To Say…

The Transformation Experience has worked for people from all walks of life and will work for you too – even if you’ve tried everything else before and failed! I know this because not a single person has asked for a refund since it was launched nearly ten years ago!

“Absolutely profoundly life changing course shared by a totally authentic teacher. Every piece of information resonates on a deep level-practical scientific and spiritual all in one.”

- Declan S.

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At this point, you’re probably wondering how much The Transformation Experience is… and for what you’re getting… It’s Surprisingly Much Less Than You Think!

The Transformation Experience contains everything you need to confidently succeed as the CEO of your life with absolute certainty and courage.

I should mention at this point that the majority of personal development programs out there are priced anywhere between $7000 and $10,000

But NONE of them specializes in helping you permanently escape the quicksand to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The Transformation Experience is different.

Not only do I focus on giving you practical tools and techniques rooted in actual science…But you’ve got lifetime access to the material so you can re-visit it whenever you want.

I’m always adding and improving the experience inside the program and once you become a member, you’ll receive ALL updates absolutely free for the rest of your life!

The Transformation Experience truly is a one-stop solution for creating ultimate success on your own terms in every area of your life.

The Transformation Experience is valued at over $10,000… and for what you’re getting, it’s a steal because I’m 100% confident in my ability to help you get incredible results…

But I promise you won’t pay anywhere near this amount!

Look, I’ve been in the quicksand myself so I know how hard it is to keep your head above water when things are tough…

That’s why The Transformation Experience is available today for just $1497…

For less than the price of a family holiday, you’re getting all the skills you could possibly need to have ultimate success in every area of your life – period.

The Transformation Experience will permanently elevate your life, I think you’ll agree this would be the smartest decision you’ve ever made into your future.

If you’re on the fence about joining, then here’s something to think about:


That’s pretty phenomenal – even if I do say so myself!

The road to ‘extraordinary’ starts here.

If you want to excel in your life and reach the heights of success you KNOW you’re absolutely capable of (and deserve!)…

Then The Transformation Experience will help you get there in as little as 30 days. Just click the button below to get started now.

Be Warned, Though – The Transformation Experience Is NOT For Everyone!

I want you to excel in every area of your life - which is why The Transformation Experience isn’t for everyone!​

Here’s who this is for:

  • Looking to make a real, lasting change in your life
  • Open to trying new and different things which are fun, exciting and definitely very different from what you’ve ever experienced before
  • Ready for deeper meaning and purpose behind everything you do
  • Sick and tired of the status quo and living below your potential
  • Open to amazing relationships that really fill you up
  • Want to let go of past failures and embrace a better future
  • Living life to the fullest by removing all negative influences in your environment
  • You’ve spent a ton on personal development/self-help books and courses in the past and haven’t seen any results
  • You want to experience greater financial abundance WITH time freedom
  • And you’re ready to DO THE WORK because success takes effort!

While The Transformation Experience is designed to give you all the tools, techniques, and strategies necessary for creating success, you MUST be the right fit for this program.

That means you need to be:

  • Open to new skills, techniques and ideas
  • Willing to do the work and do it consistently
  • 100% committed to the process

If this isn’t something you like the idea of, then this program isn’t for you!

If, on the other hand, you’re ready to stop playing small and you’re willing to step into the role of CEO of your life, then you’re going to LOVE The Transformation Experience…

So Now You Have Two Choices…

You can either stay stuck and struggling, drowning in overwhelm, and wasting time and money on all the wrong things that keep you stuck in the quicksand…

Or you can join The Transformation Experience and get clarity on how to BE successful and experience radical, quantum shifts in your life in as little as 30 days…

What’s it to be?

Take control of your life and get ready to get amazing results with The Transformation Experience– the only experience dedicated to helping you step into version 2.0!

All you need to do is click the button below to get started:

To Your Success!
Trevor ‘The Transformation Experience’ G. Blake

P.S. – If you skipped to the end, here’s what you need to know:

The Transformation Experience is a complete experience that contains everything you need to get out of the quicksand and have quick success – in as little as 30 days…

And all without wasting time and money on things which promise the world, but don’t deliver results.

Our members have had some incredible results, and so can you!

It’s the perfect end-to-end solution that will give you the skills and the confidence to permanently transform your life so you can:

Achieve your wildest dreams and biggest goals

Actually live a purposeful and meaningful, vibrant life

See every area of your life change for the better

Have, deeper more impactful relationships

Experience unlimited freedom and abundance

Live your best life

You can get started with Transformation today for $1497 – an incredible and super valuable investment into your future!

Just click the button below to get started, and I look forward to welcoming you into our community.