Science + Magic = TRANSFORMATION

You’re Not Just Worthy of Good Things Happening…
You’re Worthy of Amazing Things Happening

So Let’s Get That ‘Amazing’ Part Going For You

We have to get through the ‘at-a-boy,’ bit because otherwise you’ll be rightfully thinking, ‘Who is this guy and what makes his course better than all the other ones I paid for that didn’t work?’

I’m Trevor Blake, author of Three Simple Steps and Secrets to a Successful Startup. I’m also a serial entrepreneur who didn’t get started building a business until I was 43.

So what? 43 is just a number, and I guess to some people I was a bit of a late entrepreneurial bloomer… but this is only because my passion until then was luxury travel adventures and writing.

Using the same Transformation tools I use for my businesses, 
the very ones you’ll learn and practice in this course,

But directed in another way, I first created a life in which I visited dozens of countries while earning a high 6-figure salary (in my opinion the only way to travel)... and also sold 2 successful screenplays along the way.

These are the benefits of Transformation. 

You learn to build creative power, expand that power and direct it at anything you wish… relationship, business, or art. 

The choice is yours.

Okay, that’s the end of the ‘at-a-boy,’ bit...

What I think is more important to say about me is that I have a few of what my wife, Lyn, calls ‘nerdy tendencies.’ I love nothing more than undoing a tight knot in shoe-laces or Christmas lights. I truly get a thrill when I finally release the ties from their bounds or when a once jumbled closet is neat and organized.

Why am I telling you this?

Because these two nerdy things define me more than any life or business success and are also core attributes of Transformation:

Personally, I had a lot to turn around in my life. 

I grew up extremely poor… and there is no salvation in it. I was bullied because I was poor. Girls turned their backs on me because I was poor.

Relatives and friends who know me, but don’t know about my work with Transformation call me lucky...

Luck, however, is not something I have ever counted on. Neither is time which is also just a number.

Because, here’s the secret: 

As real as time feels to you, quantum physics tells us it doesn't exist. And, as knotted as your life may feel to you in the pit of your stomach, it can be easily untied and you can be freed from that feeling of quicksand.

(The knot doesn’t actually exist either.)

Once you discover for yourself how to understand and use this information to consciously create your life
(and a few other valuable discoveries)...

The whole game changes.

And this is when real, positive change in your life occurs.

Not just the kind that makes you feel better about your current life… but HAVE a better life.

That’s what you really want, isn’t it?

The principles I share with you in this course are the exact ones I’ve studied and used to Intentionally create my life.

Like I said, luck and time are not my companions.

Unfortunately, most people have learned to believe that they’re not capable of creating good things, that life has passed them by and they’re just one of the unlucky ones — and that’s a mental trap.

We can change that.

Welcome to Transformation.

[Spoiler Alert]
When you complete this course, your life as you know it now… Will disappear.
(So be sure you want change. You cannot unlearn magic.)

Transformation is a multimedia course with 3 levels to give you a helping-hand of inspiring content and practical tools. You choose how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.

Insight in and of itself is an intellectual comfort. Power in and of itself is a blind force that can destroy
as easily as build. It is only when we consciously learn to link power and light
that we begin to feel our rightful identities as creative beings. 

~ Julia Cameron, 

The 3 Levels Of Transformation


Beginner Level:

Build your power to escape your version of quicksand and to create a better life experience by understanding and working with 3 key quantum physics principles.


Intermediate Level:

Deepen your intuitive connection and sensory powers through an understanding of the laws of energy and eliminate luck from your life.



Direct all that power at the creation of your awe inspiring dreams and learn to turn ‘time into space’, where you immediately access present moment awareness.

The course is just part of the story. You’ll also be joining a community of like-minded people from all over the planet sharing their stories of achievement and growth in a safe, positive environment.

It’s also the place where you and I can interact for as long as you need. When you’re in quicksand, the last thing you want is a self help guru lecturing you from the safety of the bank.

You need a rope, and I won’t let go of my end until you’re freed.

Who This Course Is For

Most people who take this course do so because, deep down, there is a gnawing feeling of missing out on
all the joy life has to offer. Everywhere you look are people who seem happier, wealthier, more fulfilled,
but far less capable. 

There’s a sense of missing out on something…

  • You’re looking for REAL change in your life
  • You're fed up with crap relationship situations
  • You want to discover a purpose in life
  • You’ve spent a small fortune on self-help improvement books and courses that haven’t met your expectations
  • You want to be more aware of how you interact with the energy of life and change your behaviors, reactions and responses accordingly
  • You want to feel more connection
  • You want to understand what intuition is and how it can better work for you
  • You’d like to move beyond the past and stop being afraid of the future
  • You want to get clear of negativity in your life from family, friends or the media
  • You want financial independence regardless of the economy
  • You’re tired of waiting and hoping

This course exists because the rest of your life is at stake...

Magic is the changing of something into something else, within the laws of nature, using the power of will. When magic is applied to and by a human TRANSFORMATION is the result.

It’s easy to write about… but much harder to learn and achieve when you’ve spent your entire life believing you’re subject to luck, time, and randomness.

Praise for Trevor’s Work


I was an early student of the first Physics of Success course and although I think it was wonderful! I am even more impressed by this platform. I never thought I would be able to complete this course with a newborn and a young toddler, but the platform makes it possible to take it at the pace needed. I love it! Three Simple steps and The Physics of Success/Transformation have changed my life, I am beyond grateful! Iselin (Norway)


What I like most is the fact that we get to do exercises, and that the course is a mix with content from TSS and (for me) entirely new information. Information that helps me realise that much, much more is possible than I have imagined. And that is it scientifically proven, not some kind of idea or belief. Michel


I remember vividly when I met Trevor (via TSS book), I was in quicksand for sure and the book called out to me! In fact, I had been in some deep quicksand for several years. I Loved the book and bought Physics of Success. My life and business greatly improved.


The way Trevor brings this information together so fluidly is a gift for me,
because he makes it so easy to understand the science.


I love the fact that this is here for all of us and we can continue to return to it as often as we like/need. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, a daily reminder that I am in control, through my response to
whatever is happening around me, is needed. Huge gratitude to you Trevor for making this available - and for making yourself available!


I have been experiencing miracles since taking the course and get constant reminders of times in my growing up where I created my life, rather than forgot as a grown up and just lived it. The course has reawakened me to that power and I thank you for helping me discover that again.


After the course I feel well and truly wakened from a dream!


This course has been inspiring for me. I've found myself looking forward to it all week and leave it completely energized and excited.


The moment Module ends I start feeling different. I remind myself everyday to live the moment. I am much more confident, and stopped worrying about the future. Our life now, and how it can be, depends on us. I am deeply grateful for showing me this!


Incredible! There are many supposedly gurus pitching their systems and beliefs that cover only a fraction (at most) of this course.


This course has been an eye opener. I now understand why ESP works. Life and science should be taught this way.


Mind expanding, profound, personable. clear and seemingly simple, but with transformative ramifications.


A fascinating experience taking shape as we speak. You have put much more time and thought into this than you have charged. All the best and thank you.


I am so glad that I joined the course. It was great to extend upon the knowledge gained from TSS. It feels like the beginning of something very special! Seeing the comments from others around the world added to the excitement.


The course was fantastic. After reading the book, I felt transformed. After the module, my sense of purpose is stronger and more clear.


I find your course tremendously exciting. I like your word—"awestruck."I’m definitely awestruck.


First and foremost, thank you so much for this wonderful course and for sharing it with all of us. I have been practicing the steps for about a year now, and the results have been mind blowing.


I've done quite a bit of work in leadership and self development over the last 7 years, and you really have something going on with this course . I am getting personal benefits from this in a big way from TQT, it's really opening up the spiritual side of me that's been dormant since being a child, and it's resulting in a more powerful what of being.


I find your course tremendously exciting. I like your word—"awestruck." I’m definitely awestruck.


First and foremost, thank you so much for this wonderful course and for sharing it with all of us. I have been practicing the steps for about a year now, and the results have been mind blowing

100% of the profits from your purchase goes directly to cancer research and development at Neovia or my animal sanctuary Fluffs.

3 Course Levels INCLUDED:

Transformation offers you the path to what I call ‘practical magic’. It’s not a mysterious path or a secret society. It’s a path of science and practical application so that you can reclaim your individuality and self-knowledge. 

Beginner Level: Get out of Quicksand Now 

You’ll learn exactly what energy is and how you interact with it. In 28 lessons, you’ll gain the self-confidence to finally take control of your mentality, free yourself from the shackles of disappointing relationships, the suffocations of debt and indecision, and the need for the approval of others.

The concept of this beginner level is Building Power because this is what you need to get out of quicksand. Not everyone wants to become a fully-fledged magus, and when you’re struggling in quicksand, the last thing you want is a self-help guru stopping on the edge of the swamp to give you a lecture about positive thinking. What you need is a rope, and you need it thrown to you now. This beginner course is that rope.

Intermediate Level: Expand Your Connecting Power

You’ll start with the 28 lessons of building power included in Beginner Level. Once out of quicksand, however, most people want to exercise their new-found freedom and increase that power to improve their interactions with the energy fields around.

This level adds 20 more lessons to help you deepen intuition, improve decision-making, create winning ideas, stretch your sensory perception, and enjoy a whole array of what you would have once thought of as mystical experiences. I call this connecting power and it will greatly improve your self-confidence, enhance your relationships, and improve your communication skills — both verbal and hidden.

Advanced Level: Direct Your Power
Includes the full course

The value in achievement lies in the achieving. ~ Einstein

For those who then wish to direct their deeper power to create their dreams, the full course includes all the lessons in Beginner Level and Intermediate Level… plus an additional 21 lessons under the concept Directing Power.

This is a powerful concept that includes understanding the illusion of time, the importance of awe and flow, and the power of Intentions over goals. Remember, when magic is applied to and by a human TRANSFORMATION is the result. Your life will never be the same.

Option: Join Trevor's Guild

Join Me and the Guild of Wizards
Where Transformation and Financial Independence Meet™

Here’s some of what you can expect by being an active member:

  • Reawaken to the power to create your life
  • See all the possibilities around you right now
  • Experience ‘miracles’
  • More self-confidence
  • More energy and enthusiasm
  • Age doesn’t matter
  • Connect to others, and all life, more deeply
  • A stronger sense of purpose
  • A financial future you want
  • More fun and success

start Your Transformation Today

I look forward to meeting you on the course and to sharing in your evolving adventure stories.



In a world filled with uncertainty, one thing’s for certain.

If you make a commitment to completing the course you purchase, you will experience change. My part of the agreement is to provide you with the same tools I’ve used in creating success — not just in business but in all life — and your part is to actually do the work and practice it.

That said, I ask that all course members commit to completing it, whether their journey takes one month or six months.

However, if you find it's not for you, I do offer a 7-day refund period.

Dive into the program and be sure it's the right fit for you. If you would like to request your money back, let us know within 7-days of your purchase.

After 7-days, the program is yours for life and has the power to transform your life at every stage.