How to ‘Recession Proof’ Yourself

Can you feel it? There is change all around us.You’ll need to embrace and learn how to direct a sweeping energy change as the linear, slow, male energy that’s getting overtaken by the swirling rise of the power of the feminine. This energy shift changes everything, the way we think, the speed of decision-making, and the adapt-or-die imperative.And you’ll need to plan ahead with changes to the physical structure of your life… so that as traditional forms of work, companies, and leadership crumble in what some people call the age of the ‘societal reset’…You are the first to notice and then take advantage of the new opportunities.Now’s the time to get started.Please join me on a special free webinar to find out how to be what I call ‘Recession-proofed’.I’ll be covering:

  • Why I went ‘all cash’ at the end of last year
  • What kind of disruptions might we see in work, life and the way we live
  • The big shift in energy patterns
  • How to wrap your head around it all, stay out of fear and take advantage of these changes

Here are the Call Details:

What: How to ‘Recession Proof’ YourselfWhen: May 27, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)Where: Claim your spot HERE

There’s a reason I gave my new book Secrets to a Successful Startup this tagline: A Recession-Proof Guide to Starting, Surviving, and Thriving in Your Own Venture.If what has happened in the last few months has shocked you or taken you by surprise, fear not… because we’re simply at the start of something big.

But… If you don’t want any more shocks… the way to avoid them is to be prepared.Be sure to join me to find out how to become what I call ‘Recession-Proofed’.


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