Three Simple Steps You Can Use to Take Advantage of the Coronavirus & “Forced Pause”


Last week I did a radio show on which you can listen to here:

In this Podcast we covered…

  • The reemergence of the feminine in the world today as we co-create a new world experience.
  • The opportunity you have now to restructure the way you think and avoid the “quick sand” of negative thought patterns.
  • How the matrix of nature is a powerful tool you can use to detoxify, heal, amplify creativity, and so much more.
  • The magic of intuition and the concept of ‘once connected always connected.’
  • How history will show that there was never a better time to re-invent yourself than right now.

Before I do a radio show or podcast, I like to get a ‘feel’ for the host. So, I usually listen to snippets of previous shows. In doing this, I get to engage in a quantum physics principal called ‘quantum entanglement’, one of the four cornerstones we use in Transformation. I’m able to mentally form a connection with the host even before we meet. Then, when we meet in the ‘3-dimensional experience’, it’s like we’re old friends… and any nervousness on either side is gone. You’ll get a sense of this if you check out any of my interviews (and there’ve been quite a few in the last month). In all cases, the host will say something like, ‘I could talk about all this for hours,’ and that’s because the connection is already in place. We’re like old friends even before we’ve met. When you understand quantum entanglement, it opens up real lines of magic.In doing my quantum preparation, I noted that as far back as several years ago, this group of astrologists was predicting disruptive events and forces for the first quarter 2020. Apparently, just like my favorite historical-cycle analysts, this all seemed quite predictable. (I know next to nothing about astrology, but I thought it worth pointing out.)The outcome of this disruptive, and yes, somewhat low-frequency time is unknown, but for sure our lives will be changed in many ways forever. Hopefully, more people will understand the benefit of working from home and desire more to maintain a balanced life between work and family. Others will observe the dithering of those who are (supposedly) in charge, and maybe pay less attention to centralized systems going forward. I feel (and most definitely hope) that we’re moving back to a decentralized, village-centric culture. However…This will not happen without much disruptive energy and at times a lot of pain — just as moving away from it to be slaves at the machine was so painful and disruptive to society, family, and spirit nearly 300 years ago (I wrote about this in Practical Magic of the 5-hour Workday).For me, one great thing (albeit seemingly trivial) about all this is that maybe handshakes and ‘high-fives’ are a thing of the past. Nothing would delight me more. I’m afraid I’m one of those who leaves people ‘hanging’. I never was a performing seal. I’m also a bit like Larry David in Curb your Enthusiasm…I don’t really do handshakes.Cheers,Trev

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