What’s the difference between startup and business?

What’s the difference between small business and startup?

A startup is 1 or 2 people working in their garage or a bedroom. 

Amazon started in a garage. Microsoft started in a garage. That’s a startup.

Hiring heads of this and heads of that is not a startup… 

It’s a small business.

And one of the problems of going in that direction is that 82% of all company failures — whether you’re a startup, small business or large business — is cash flow mismanagement.

Cash flow is a big issue, especially in the startup phase.

(And, keep in mind, when I look back at the companies I’ve sold for over $300 million, I never got out of the startup phase.)

So what’s the solution?

I call it the ‘Model of Alliances’ and break it down in the video above.Cheers,Trev

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