Vibrational Leaders' Sanctum

It is an exclusive club focused on creating success with balance for all its members.

We train, we share, we learn, we prepare, we pitch, we create. 

We win.

Vibrational Leaders' Sanctum

It is an exclusive club focused on creating success with balance for all its members

We train, we share, we learn, we prepare, we pitch, we create. 

We win.

Your next step awaits…

You’re experiencing a transformation in every aspect of your life, a metamorphosis, a beautiful unfolding of the path before you – as if each step you take forward effortlessly reveals the next, and all you have to do is relish in the excitement of taking it.

You’re witnessing the magic that comes as a result of “a playing of energy.”

A deep understanding unfolds in you when you hear the term “One Suchness.”

You can now tune into and utilize the once indistinguishable signals of wisdom and knowledge your Intuition sends to you.

The Mini-mind movie you’ve crafted for yourself never ceases to fill you with awe.

And yet, something is missing…

You feel alone now, exposed. 

People seem to notice your ever expanding and changing energetic field, you remind them of the “you” they used to know – but you don’t feel like that same person anymore.

You might find this galvanizing to some people you used to be close with, they seem to keep you at arms length, not because they want to but because they are impelled to by something they can’t quite understand.

The wizard’s path is a road less traveled and in the beginning, when you’re on your own, it can seem quite treacherous and unfamiliar.

You have to remember, you’ve chosen this path because your soul craved a change, a chance to strive towards your true potential and as the saying goes “if nothing changes, nothing changes.”

And even though the thought of the changing landscape of the path before you might make your palms sweat and your mouth go dry at times just know this…

You’re not nearly as alone as you think you are.

I’m all too familiar with this feeling.

The wizard exiting the Transformation Experience even for the first time has few answers and many questions. 

You’re in control now and that will make the people, places, and circumstances you were once familiar with very uncomfortable. 

In this regard, you have more in common with a King or a Queen than you do with your fellow man.

Who in your court can you actually trust anymore?

How many confidants will praise you to your face and criticize you behind your back?

Who among them would not want more than anything to see you return to the quicksand to make them less uncomfortable about your decision to no longer play the victim?

Where do you go to be amongst fellow Queens and Kings where you can discuss these things privately and for mutual benefit?  

Where can you finesse your skills, improve your discipline, and learn to truly harness your power?

These are the questions I had when I was a lot younger.

Unfortunately, at that point in time, there was nowhere to go that was not a pseudo cult. 

Luckily for me. I married well. 

Through my marriages with two powerful Wizards I learned that initiates on our path work much better together.

In December 2020 Lyn, my first wife, died. 

She was energetically exhausted and for the last week of her life we knew the day she would die. She set it. 

As that day drew closer, I couldn’t help but notice that she traveled in and out of lucidity and to me, as the wizard observer, it seemed she traveled to some sacred place full of wise people and she returned with urgent, poignant messages.

I refused to listen, my broken heart didn’t want to hear any of it.

The day Lyn died I made the decision that I wanted to follow her. 

I was going to find new homes for my animals, make sure they were well loved and looked after and then I was going to reunite with Lyn.

Lyn found out. 

Two months after she died she visited me and spent a full hour and twenty minutes telling exactly what she said I needed to hear, the messages she tried to relay to me that I couldn’t bear to hear at the time.

She told me that the last trimester of my life would be (if I chose) the most spectacular. 

She said I still had work to do and it would shake the world. 

It would involve a kind of inner earth energy yet to be released or understood. 

She said my ‘job’ was to create hundreds of thousands of vibrational leaders (her term) who would in turn impact millions of people.

She said I would find love again and in a person of a different psyche who would help me achieve this task. 

Lyn said I would meet my next partner in 12 to 18 months time – 2021 had barely just started.

When she said this I was feeling old, over the hill, resigned to being alone. 

In June 2022 we started the Vibrational Leaders Sanctum and on November 26, 2022 I married Jess.

The Vibrational Leaders’ Sanctum is a place for Transformation Experience graduates to gather. 

This is where the ripple that becomes the wave begins.

This where you will evolve into the best version of yourself, in order to positively impact others who will in turn go on to raise up others they encounter.

This is where you know you belong.

What Makes The Vibrational Leaders’ Sanctum (VLS-E) So Exceptional?

The VLS-E is exclusive.

It is for people who want to make a positive difference in the universe. It is for wizards who want to express their magic through art, healing, entrepreneurial success, or all three.

It is for wizards who understand ‘a playing of energy.’ 

It still surprises me when people continue to ask “what’s in it for me?” 

Everything is energy and the more we contribute the more resonates our way. 

Truly successful people never ask that, instead they ask “how do I contribute?’

This is why we have an application process. Who doesn’t want to be part of a group of like-minded wizards? And also, what will you contribute?

Everyone wants to be part of a highly successful group of like-minded Wizards.

Everyone is ready and willing to receive but only Vibrational Leaders are truly willing to contribute at an equal amount, if not more than they take.

The Vibrational Leaders’ Sanctum is a place where you can bring the success you’re already starting to experience and let it accelerate and expand into something beyond what you thought possible.

And it could be the next step in your journey to personal and professional mastery.

Within the VLS-E we meet often in large and smaller specialist groups. 

We work as one to help each club member ‘react forward’ with their Winning Ideas & achieve the Intentions they set. 

Authenticity and vulnerability are our superpowers.

We have sub-groups exploring the changes in the real estate market, the implications of A.I., new emerging technologies, crypto tokenization, retreats, healing, startup stages etc. 

It’s also a space where we share more advanced intention setting techniques, window-shopping best practices, and other ways to maintain a strong mentality and magical practice in practical and pragmatic ways.

We attract guest speakers from every corner of the personal mastery, technology, and business realms on a regular basis.

Club members also have access to a private social network, a self-contained investment fund for business startups, and open communication with my team and I.

This is not a mindless mastermind.

It is an exclusive club focused on creating success with balance for all its members.

We train, we share, we learn, we prepare, we pitch, we create. 

We win.

What Bunk Beds Have To Do With Your Business Success

To give you an idea of how wonderfully unique the VLS-E is, meet K.

K is one of our beta testers and founding members.

K  joined the group after working her way through much of my available material. The investment was a stretch for her at the time. She wanted to be among like-minded, success-focused wizards.

Her “Winning Idea” was still in its infancy when she jumped into the flowing energy of the Vibrational Leaders’ Sanctum.

It did not take long for things to start coming together for K – she began reacting forward by always being present and contributing to group discussions on various topics and the Universe started reacting in kind.

K soon enlisted her husband and they were off and running bringing this idea into reality.

After a few weeks, K took the spotlight to practice pitching and the group gave great feedback.

We (the group itself) have evolved the VLS to be a safe space to practice things such as pitching winning ideas to investors. 

Over the course of a few weeks, K pitched several more times and crafted her presentation into something that blew our socks off. 

K was ready to take her beautifully crafted pitch on the road and had plans to show this presentation to any investor who would take her call.

However, little did she know, she had been pitching a room full of investors this whole time.

In a scene that could have been out of a movie, K pitched this idea to the group a final time. 

When she had finished, the last words of her pitch hung in the stunned silence of the call for a moment or two, and then…

One by one, the members of the VLS decided to enthusiastically jump in and fund it on the spot! The energy of the whole thing made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. 

When I say “We create magic here” moments like this are exactly what I’m referring to.

K was able to raise nearly $200,000 in only 10 days, exclusively from within the Vibrational Leaders Sanctum.

Not just that, but members offered to contribute ideas, skills, networks, support, experiences. 

Can you imagine the wave of wonder, joy, and relief that K must have experienced in that moment? 

Here’s a short video documenting K’s triumph if you’d like to get a taste of some of that magic for yourself.

If accepted into The Vibrational Leaders’ Sanctum this is what you can expect to experience.


Face-to-face advice and instruction from someone who’s created over $600 Million in enterprise value without ever hiring an employee or working for more than 5 hours a day.

I am not someone who teaches based on theory and theory alone. I live what I teach.

Take advantage of the uplifting and energizing act of resonant networking

When you’re surrounded by people who want nothing more than to see you succeed, networking and building your inner circle is joyful, light, and easy. Due to our stringent application process, the members of The VLS are carefully vetted. Every member is working to be better today than they were yesterday.


Potential for Private & Member Driven Crowd-Funding

At the VLS we share our own networks of thousands of investors that you gain access to as a member of the VLS. Our platform also has the potential to get your start-up off the ground exclusively from member-driven funding.


What 12 Months Of World-Class Mentoring & Support Looks Like Within The VLS:

1x a month live teaching with Trevor (Available on replay)

Join this live call (or watch a replay) with Trevor where he will spend 60 minutes going over a prepared training and then stick around afterward for a 30-minute Q&A & open discussion session.

1x a month live Q&A call with Trevor (Available on replay)

This call is directly aimed at clarifying any and every question you may have. Submit any question you’d like an answer to ahead of time or on the live 90 minute call.

1x a month call with an expert guest speaker (Available on replay)

We chat with experts at the peak of their powers in a 60-minute talk followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. This is a curated experience so if there’s a certain topic you want expert-level guidance on, let us know and we will do our best to book one of the top experts. Many of them come directly from our own network.

1x a month call with entrepreneurial-focused meet-ups (Available on replay)

We have 3 different entrepreneurial groups each focused on different levels of business success. When you join the VLS you can select one of these groups where you’ll be surrounded with other members that are in the same place in their business journey as you. 

Sub-group meet-ups (Available on replay)

The VLS is filled with enthusiasts & experts in many areas who are motivated to help others succeed. We have a motto “You get out what you put into it.” When there’s a demand to embrace a topic like A.I. or Real Estate Investing, a Vibrational Leader steps up to the plate. It’s like an ongoing virtual conference and you can pick and choose which sessions pique your interest.

Unlimited access to our private social network

The members of the Vibrational Leaders’ Sanctum enjoy access to a private social network where you can connect, celebrate, and collaborate with your fellow members including Trevor and his team.

Direct access to Trevor

As just another example of how available Trevor has made himself to this group he offers access to his personal email so that you can send him any questions or concerns you may have that you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing in a group setting.

Complete access to our talented team members

Our staff is trained and knowledgeable in all of the tools and techniques included in The Transformation Experience and is available to help you at any and every phase of your journey. 

Your next steps.


Complete your VLS Application

Fill out and complete your VLS application by clicking the button right below this section.

Your application is reviewed

My team carefully reviews your application and performs a background check.


While you wait...

While you’re waiting you can review my books or go back through the Transformation Experience; it’s always great to get a refresher on the tools and techniques and I’m constantly adding and updating the content.


We will reach out to you

Once your application has been reviewed a member of my team will reach out to let you know whether or not you have been accepted and can start moving forward with and contributing to the VLS-E.


At this stage in your journey as a Wizard there can be the tendency to view “going it alone” as your only option and to underestimate how difficult that path can be – you can find yourself deep in uncharted waters quite quickly.

Your ego might also be convincing you to concede to these new feelings of isolation and resign yourself to the lie that there’s no place for you, that you’ll always walk alone.

I’m here to let you know that doesn’t have to be the case.

“A burden shared is a burden halved…”

If you would like to receive direct mentorship from me, supercharge your progress, connect and collaborate with like-minded Wizards, and join me in bringing Lyn’s vision of a world changing community of Vibrational Leaders into reality you can click the button below to apply to become a member today.