Trevor’s Guild

Monthly Personal Mentoring With Trevor G. Blake

You’re in Transformation, you’ve already proven you’re committed to taking action, and you are ready to take your next step out of the quicksand and into the life of your dreams. 

Trevor’s Guild

Monthly Coaching & Personal Mentoring With Trevor G. Blake

You’re in Transformation, you’ve already proven you’re committed to taking action, and you are ready to take your next step out of the quicksand and into the life of your dreams. 

“The boat is safer anchored at the port, but that’s not the aim of boats.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

You stand at the threshold of awakening the latent wizard within you.

By bravely embarking on this transformative journey, you have not only proven your readiness to take the next steps towards success, both material and spiritual but also demonstrated your commitment to yourself.

Everything you desire for yourself and your life is available to you – at this very moment.

Don’t believe me? Fortunately, the tools and techniques I teach are grounded in science, independent of your belief or understanding. All you need is exposure to these scientific principles and someone to guide you in their effective application.

Until now, life may have felt like an endless loop of monotony—overwhelm, apathy, and underachievement being the defining themes of your existence. I understand your struggle, I spent an embarrassing portion of my life stuck in the same place as you.

It was only through embracing the very tools and techniques I share in The Transformation Experience that I managed to pull myself free of the quicksand consuming my potential.

If you wholeheartedly commit to immersing yourself in the study, digestion, and practical implementation of the tools and techniques unveiled in Transformation, you possess everything required to weave the fabric of your dream life from the out of the ethers and into this 3 dimensional, 5 sensory reality we inhabit.

It is at this point on your journey you encounter a fork in the road. You can opt to continue traversing the path alone, armed with the knowledge and power found within Transformation. The path is a bit more winding, takes a bit more time, and has a few pitfalls but you’re perfectly capable of navigating it.

I assure you, in Transformation, I have held nothing back, concealed no information, and guarded no hidden treasures—you have been granted access to it all.

Alternatively, another path beckons— a path that includes a community of other pilgrims working their way toward success with balance, monthly meetings with me to discuss any questions you encounter, and personal mentoring from myself and qualified members of my team and network.

It’s a path where the troubleshooting and guesswork are removed. A path with far less friction, where results can occur on an accelerated timeline.

Should you choose the first path—solitary, yet effective—simply continue on your way. 

But if a path that embraces companionship, collaboration, and community then your next step lies in joining my esteemed Guild.

A Glimpse Into The Benefits You’ll Receive As A Member Of The Guild.

Unveiling Limitless Potential

Personal & Professional Empowerment

Unleashing Your Inner Alchemy

Camaraderie and Collaboration

Personal Mentoring

Quantum Leaps of Achievement

Monthly Q&A Meetings

Accelerated Progress

Experience The Universe Coalescing In Your Favor

Miracles & Synchronicities Will Become The Norm

Relief From Overwhelm

Waking Up With Enthusiasm & Purpose

More Clarity & Direction

Support From Fellow Guild Members, Myself, My Staff & My Network

A Deeper Connection To Your Life & The World Around You

Here’s what you can expect every month as a member of The Guild


Trevor’s Keys™:

These inspiring weekly messages are delivered straight to your inbox – listen to them anywhere, anytime. Sometimes it only takes a spark, a novel turn of phrase, or a single word to unlock everything for you. These community-inspired messages serve as just that, a companion and compass on your journey. Trevor also shares real-time wisdom gained through how he’s currently applying the Transformation principles to his life to create success with balance.

Monthly Live Q&A and Mentoring Call:

Jump on a call with Trevor and your fellow Guild members to discuss any questions or pitfalls you may have encountered with Trevor directly. These calls are typically 60 minutes and serve as a place where you can get direct guidance from Trevor as well as connect more deeply with your fellow Guild members. It’s great to feel supported & that you are not alone in this journey.


Library Of Audios and Podcasts:

You’ll have access to an ever-growing library of podcasts and audio assets produced by Trevor to provide inspiration and illumination on demand. Listen to these anywhere or anytime you need a refresher on a topic or help controlling your mentality – they’re a perfect sidekick on your journey through Transformation towards success in every area of your life.



Monthly Theta Alchemy Sessions:

ThetaHealing is a powerful meditative or spiritual technique created by Vianna Stibul, that can be used to lower stress and anxiety by accessing the power of your subconscious mind and using it to reprogram negative beliefs, release blocked emotions, and create new positive thoughts.
The sessions will be guided by Certified Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner Melanie Davis.


Quarterly Group Hypnotherapy Sessions:

This tool is designed to help you wipe out limiting beliefs, conquer self-sabotage, and accelerate your mentality control to help you live a life that aligns perfectly with your greatest Intentions and your highest self.

Our host Faye Alexandra is a graduate of the Transformation Experience herself. She leads by example and knows the power of energetic contribution.


Access Past LIVE Webinar Recordings:

You’ll have access to past LIVE webinars that Trevor hosted, like The Intentions Mastery Series, The Science of Intentions, and the Commitment To Change Ritual Experience (exclusive to Guild members).

You will have the option to add (at a very low cost) webinars with guests like Marie Manuchehri, James Cosmos, and Andrew Pancholi.

Any new webinars that Trevor hosts in the future will be accessible to you.


“What if this Guild is not right for me?”

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Odds are, if you’ve made it this far – you are a great fit for The Guild and The Guild is a great fit for you. I am a firm believer that when information as potent as what you’ll find in The Guild crosses your path, it is not by coincidence.

But like most things worth doing in life, you’ll be tested before you can experience the full value of a thing. The Guild is no different.

I take the sanctity and integrity of my Guild very seriously, therefore, out of respect for myself and the other members of The Guild, there is an application process you will have to go through to make absolutely sure we are both making the right decision.

My team and I will look over your application and if we feel that you would be a good fit and an active member of The Guild you’ll be given two free months within the inner circle to decide whether or not you’ve chosen the right path. 

Using this process, not only do we maintain the energy and power of The Guild, we also decrease the chances that you or I will be disappointed with your becoming a member of The Guild.

So now is the time that you’ve got to take a very intense look at yourself and honestly answer the question:

“Am I up to the challenge of realizing my full potential?” 

Up to this point you’ve been going it on your own through Transformation and most likely one or two of my books. The work and commitment you’ve put into this journey is commendable and does not go unnoticed, I greatly appreciate it. 

By now you’ve probably started to notice odds and ends of magic, bits and pieces of miracles, and subtle synchronicities slowly and surely popping into your life – more and more becoming the norm.

You could be just beginning to enjoy the Universe’s positive reaction to your joyous playing of energy or you could already be fully in the flow of it, swept off your feet by the sway you have over your own reality – and all of this accomplished on your own.

Imagine the orders of magnitude more you could experience and accomplish with the help of personal mentorship and the welcoming embrace of a community of aligned, like minded, high vibration individuals. 

Through the Transformation Experience, you have gained knowledge of how and why you successfully reprogrammed your R.A.S. Now, it is crucial to continuously update this biological software, and the most convenient & easiest way to achieve that is by joining like-minded alchemists who are on a similar path. While it may sound like a religion, in a way The Guild provides a similar sense of fulfillment and the desired dopamine hit, but one that is based on achieving success with balance.

And with that thought I’ll leave you to stare at this unyielding fork in the road you’ve found yourself at.

The good news is that the only wrong decision is to abandon the journey after having made it this far – There’s yet more magic to witness, more awe to foster, and more work to be done.

I look forward to getting to know you.

To Your Success!
Trevor ‘Transformation’ Blake

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