Ask Me Anything on 12th September

Unlocking New Horizons: Join The Guild Call on September 12th

As the golden hues of September paint the landscape, there’s a unique opportunity on the horizon for our Guild members: an open invitation to join our special Guild call on September 12th, where you can ask me anything.

A Guild Like No Other

For the uninitiated, The Guild isn’t just a membership platform; it’s a vibrant community bound by shared aspirations, passions, and quests for knowledge. As a part of The Guild, members gain:

Personal Growth:

With monthly Q&A meetings, your pressing questions find answers, helping you unravel life’s intricate puzzles.

Tailored Guidance:

Beyond the standardized advice, our Guild emphasizes personalized mentoring, ensuring every member feels heard, valued, and directed.

Resourceful Library

Dive deep into our reservoir of audios and podcasts, which serve as beacons of inspiration and wisdom, ready for your moments of introspection.

Invaluable Connections:

Engage with a community that understands and shares your vision, offering support, camaraderie, and collaboration.

Your Moment on September 12th

This month brings a standout opportunity for all Guild members. On September 12th at 10 am Pacific, our Guild call will be a platform for open dialogue, where I’ll be addressing your questions.

Whether you’re curious about the inner workings of The Guild, seeking direction on a specific challenge, or just want a moment of connection, this call is your chance.

For those considering embarking on this journey with us, joining The Guild now provides a complimentary first month. It’s a chance to experience our community, benefit from the multitude of resources, and be a part of our special call on September 12th.

September is more than just the onset of autumn; it’s a month of opportunities. Join us on the 12th and dive into the enriching experience of The Guild, where your questions take center stage.

Let’s harness the collective wisdom and venture forth on this journey of exploration and discovery.

To fresh beginnings and shared journeys,



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