The Top Six Questions I Get Asked The Most

One of the things I’m most uncomfortable with is talking about myself because I’m more introverted than extroverted.With that said, I wanted to address the top six questions I get asked the most because there has never been a better time to reinvent yourself and achieve rapid financial independence,and I want to share with you the key things that ensured I achieved both.In the video, I will answer:

  1. What is the biggest thing that shaped my adult life?
  2. What is something I wish I would have realized earlier in life?
  3. What is the darkest time in my life, and how did I overcome it?
  4. What is one of the biggest contributors to my success?
  5. What is my morning routine?
  6. What books most influenced my life?

The secrets to realizing your intentions right now are to…– not hide behind a sofa but to have the right tools and techniques,- be eyes wide open in this changing time,- and ready for all of these incredible opportunities that are coming your way.

Watch the full video above.



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