The Importance of Starting Your Day in a Ritualistic Manner

I recently did some Facebook live videos, and the purpose was to talk about mentality control. But before we even got into the tools and techniques of mentality control, I wanted to explain to the audience the importance of starting your day in a specific way in a ritualistic manner. This isn’t something that I’ve come up with. I have a ritualistic start to every day, but only because I’ve read a lot of books by people who studied.

– What are the common habits amongst successful people, wealthy people, pioneers, musicians, artists, the people who get to the top of their game?

– What are their lifestyles look like?

– How did they think?

– How did they behave?

I’ve formed a habit of doing this for decades. I first did it when I was a teenager. I used to read biographies…Watch the full video above and please share your thoughts with me.Cheers,Trev

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