‎Multi-Business Systems for Success – Trevor Blake and Adi Klevit

Released 6th April 2024  –

With strategic systems and willpower, anyone can become a financially liberated entrepreneur. How can you build and grow a company that isn’t dependent on you?

In this conversation with Adi Klevit, Trevor talks through the strategic approach that has allowed me to build seven companies in multiple industries. The process involved leveraging skilled independent vendors rather than employees to perform specific functions. By developing a system that can manage your company, you can become independent. However, don’t forget the importance of making your vendors feel valued by demonstrating their tangible impact.

Join Adi Klevit in today’s episode of Systems Simplified as she welcomes serial entrepreneur, coach, and author Trevor Blake to discuss his unconventional business model. Trevor shares how to foster positivity in the workplace, his humble upbringing, and the benefits of using vendors.

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