Living Fearlessly

I don’t watch the news on TV, or listen to it online or on the radio. I do follow independent journalists, and it’s hard work to pick them out from all the fearful noise out there.That said… it is still nigh on impossible to avoid all the fearmongering.Even before they went to ‘take-out only’ as a precaution in light of Covid-19, every restaurant and bar had TVs on with ticker tapes blaring the latest scare.One of the positives about being in a lockdown area is that I can escape all that noise completely.At home, I have a choice of what I let into my senses.If you have your TV or radio tuned to a news channel, you’re living with fear.It’s okay to get news updates, but rarely is news delivered in mouth-bite sizes. News is delivered in a way that paralyzes you with fear so that it can hold your attention long enough to get you to pay attention to commercials.There’s a ‘hook and bait’ tone to it:          When we come back, we’ll hear from the head of XYZ grocery chain who tells us               about a critical toilet roll shortage… sort of style.The result is herd fear mentality, a stampede of sorts through the grocery store.The BBC website has a coronavirus-incident counter where you can see the number of infected people in each zip code in the UK. During the weekend, my sister told me that every grocery store in her area was sold out of essentials and even the supporting warehouse was empty.I typed in her zip code.The result came up immediately:

Population of area — 192,467# of infected people — 1

192,466 people infected with fear. 1 infected with a virus. This is what fear can do to us.One of my favorite books of recent years is Anita Moorjani’s Dying to be Me, which describes her near-death-experience as a stage 4 cancer patient and the seemingly miraculous, spontaneous cure she experienced once she was told to ‘Go back, and live fearlessly.’She said that fear of cancer caused by the tragic loss of her closest friends created her own cancer, and that losing fear — or more precisely choosing to live fearlessly — broke its hold on her.We all know that fear has biological components. It’s our ‘fight or flight’ response.Interestingly, although we have no control over the chemical cascade, that rush of hormones only lasts 90 seconds in our bodies. Same with anger. After 90 seconds the effect is gone from our bodies. If we continue to feel fear or anger it is thereafter by choice, says Dr. Jill Taylor in her excellent book My Stroke of Insight.I’m as fascinated by our energy fields as I am by how the brain works, so I asked a renowned energy healer for her opinion on what fear does to us:          Living disconnected, in a state of fear, may create disease and a lack of desires.          We each are fully equipped with everything we could possibly need in our human            energy system to live a healthy, creative, successful, magnificent beings. Stop                  thinking, or at least stop listening/believing one’s thoughts… as it’s not only the               best way to begin merging into ones’ magnificence but also the greatest approach        to knowing your true passions. Real desires, not ego-driven ones, are messages                 communicating to you the essence of your God-self. If, however, you’re filled with          fear from overprocessing, then becoming one with your personal messages is                    challenging.Personally, I work every day, sometimes every hour, to control my thoughts as they’re primarily negative. Loud, self-deprecating, fearful words and phrases, begging me to analyze and process (a wasteful activity) my past and the future life.Many humans believe that fearful thoughts are intuitive warnings. However…Knowingness is rarely (if ever) communicated with fear.Instead of allowing fearful thoughts to dominate your mind and eventually your neurological system — creating stress and ultimately disease — the mind needs to be controlled. Without mental discipline, our gifts are masked by untruths exaggerated by the busy, terrified mind.When we create space within our thinking, we can then choose what to absorb. Positive perception leads to a positive outcome.So, whatever perspective we prefer — the patient, the physician, or the energy healer — the answer is the same.Fear disconnects us.I know it’s hard work to live fearlessly when the TV, radio and everyone you meet screams that the sky is falling…This is why mentality control is a lifelong thing.My suggestion is to make it easier for yourself by limiting your exposure to fearfulness. Tune to the comedy channel or go take a walk instead.Cheers,Trev

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