How to Manage With Stress

Do you think stress is bad? Do you know that you can work with it rather than against it?Stress is just another form of energy converted into another emotion.

Energy can’t be created or destroyed. You can’t destroy or eradicate stress. You have to find a way to change it typically by changing your reaction.

I am an entrepreneur, a business coach, and a metaphysics teacher. Because of this last one, people assume I don’t get stressed, but I get stressed as much as anybody. The difference is that I’ve got tools and techniques to deal with it.

In this video, I share a few of the tools I use to manage my stress. I also share my contrarian view of stress and how you can work with it.I’m not a doctor, a psychiatrist, or a psychologist.

If you have issues that need medical intervention or professional help, please go and seek professional advice.

Watch the full video to find out how you can go about making stress your friend.Cheers,Trev

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