Dan Bradbury: He Sold 3 Of His Businesses For Over $300m…

It was a pleasure to meet Dan Bradbury, who has over 15 years of business experience in a huge range of industries.

He has founded, built and sold two companies for seven figures and has invested in over a dozen other companies on top of the five businesses that he has purchased outright.

 In this podcast Dan quizzes me on:

  • How I managed to get my work schedule down to to 2 hours per day and be even more productive.
  • How I succeeded 3 times in an industry where only 1 in 5000 succeed.
  • My scientific approach to business success.
  • The 3 habits I discovered were common among successful people and how to replicate them.
  • And of course why you should never share your goals with others

……… And much more!

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